May 20th RCPsych Protest Details

16 04 2011

As my views on the Royal College of Psychology’s upcoming conference on transpeople mirrors those already expressed elsewhere, I’ll keep this as a brief informational post. A friend asked me if there were any resources outside of Facebook for information on the protest.

So far, here is the info I’ve been able to find:


MORNING PROTEST: 9am to 10:30am, outside the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

TEACH-IN: 11am to 3pm.

These details are provisional – more information will follow soon!

Here is a provisional map, showing the location of the protest, nearest toilets and supermarkets. Information will be added when we confirm a place for the teach in, and also as the toilets are confirmed to be gender-friendly:





One response

17 04 2011

Hi ratbagqueer!

Thanks for sharing this information outside of Facebook! I’m trying to keep up-to-date information on my blog also but this is literally all we have right now. The moment we have more information I’mn hoping we’ll be sharing it widely on blogs and message boards as well as Facebook 🙂

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