Gatekeeping in the Queer Clubhouse

20 05 2011

This is a rather angry response I wrote upon seeing that the creators of The Queeriodic Table have decided that trans, intersex and genderqueer people are no longer queer, merely ‘allies’, unless we have LGB status as well.

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Research as a Tool of Abuse

14 05 2011

The use of research to oppress and erase minority groups is not a new phenomenon. It has been perpetrated for decades (centuries?), often under the guise of helping us, or ‘helping to better understand’ us. This disingenuous tactic allows people in positions of power to assert and propagate their political agendas, behind a false mask of scientific curiosity and philanthropic exploration.

This allows damaging and oppressive ideologies to spread freely, carried now on ‘evidence’ that was often extrapolated through a mess of poor methodology and societal assumptions. This fresh wave then allows those same assumptions to deepen their roots in the public mindset, furthering a cycle of stigma and abuse that hurts those that it supposedly set out to help.

I’d be hard pressed to find a better example of this than Simon Baron Cohen’s latest escapade. Baron Cohen is a well-loathed figure in autism research, and in his latest piece he set out to not only erase the identities of people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, but trans people as well. He went about this by making various groups of people take the Autistic Quotiant test, and then carving the dubious results into a facsimile of his beliefs.

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Signal Boosting; Welfare Reform Fraud

10 05 2011

An extremely good article which takes apart the latest vicious changes made to the ESA criteria. I should point out that the 1-year limit is only for applicants who’re applying for Contribution Based ESA. Not as a defence for a vile political move that will leave millions out in the cold, but to make sure that no-one reading this is frightened out of claiming when they still could. I know when that was first announced that I panicked before finding clarification.